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Yamaha FX20

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  • Yamaha FX20

    Well, I'm running out of room for organs, so I am having to depart with my FX20, which has worked great as a practice organ and has features even I don't understand. Comes with a bunch of the memory cartridges, which in additions to the 8 general pistons, allow you to keep any number of previous piston settings. Great for a concert and so on, as you can switch cartridges on the fly.

    If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM and I'll let it go cheep. Otherwise, I'll probably put it on craigslist or eBay, so you'll get a second chance.

    This one is really mint, inside and out. Hard to find a scratch anywhere.

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    I've owned two of them and they are great Organs. Well built by Yamaha with some of the best keyboards ever made. I ended up with an FX-1 which is nearly the same but in a different cabinet.



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      You must be really flush in excellent organs to be willing to let that go.
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        Yes, almost identical musically. Totally different appearance. And worth about $2500 more, at least. By the way, I forgot my lowly FX20 is located in southeast Michigan. What else with keys in your abode Geo?

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        Na, Momma's just getting flush with me!

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          Is this a classical or church organ? If not this thread does not belong here.