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Leslie to an Allen

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  • Leslie to an Allen

    Has anyone tried connecting a Leslie speaker to an allen organ? I'm not sure if this is even possible. Any thoughts on this?

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    A few Allen models back in the MOS days had an optional connector for a Leslie on the flute channel. I don't think Allen has provided such a connector on any of their organs since then, for various reasons.

    Here's the main reason. Most Allen organs have multiple audio channels with the stops spread out among the channels, and this distribution of the stops is done for good reasons, such as emphasizing the additive effects of building up choruses of stops, and keeping the two ranks of a celeste in different audio channels, as well as providing bass-capable channels for the pedal stops. So a typical Allen organ of any recent vintage isn't really a candidate for a Leslie, since most Leslie speakers are either "mono" or in those models that have more than one channel, just a single channel that actually speaks through the rotating units, with the rest of the channels playing through some lesser quality speakers in the same box.

    All that being said, there are "kits" available from Leslie speaker specialty companies than can adapt just about any organ there is to some kind of Leslie speaker, so it's do-able. The question is just whether or not it would have any musical benefit at all.

    Do you have some particular reason for wanting to connect the Allen to a Leslie? If so, please elaborate and I might have some more specific advice.
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      Some of the later ADC organs had 2nd voicing option on the Swell, which was offered as either classical or gospel. The gospel versions swapped the flute 8 and gemshorn 8 so that the flutes went through the same channel, presumably for use with a Trem-3 or Trem-4 unit for a heavy trem. This might work OK with a Leslie on that channel, but, Allen seems to have dropped the option on the MDS series, making me thing that enough customers did not want this to continue to offer it.

      That said, the analog Allens offered the gyrophonic projector, which was similar to a Leslie in providing a doppler tremulant, but the gyro's were milder in effect--still very nice, though.