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Yamaha Electone C55N Replacing Keys Nightmare

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  • Yamaha Electone C55N Replacing Keys Nightmare

    Hello I just recently picked up a Yamaha Electone C55N from a second hand shop for just $25 NZD.

    The top row of keys make no sound so I took it upon myself to repair them.

    I took each and every key out and gave them a clean, but now I can't for the life of me

    put them back in I'm having trouble getting the springs to push in without dropping out of the keys

    is there a special tool for this task? :-P

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    It has been a while since I worked on Yamaha but their keyboards (slab style, not organ) had a flat spring, as I recall, that had to be held in place as you slid the key into place. Perhaps a second pair of hands would help? I know of no special tools beyond the ubiquitus needle nosed plyers.

    If none of the keys played, then the problem would be something other than the keys themselves, since the likelihood of 44 or 49 of something failing at one time is rather low. Most home organs, and this includes Yamaha, default to a generic "organ" sound when fired up. If the lower and pedal both play, the advice you are probably going to receive is to open up the back and with the power disconnected, remove and reseat every electrical connector. Some of them require care and a bit of gentle prying to get them out.
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