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Thoughts on the Rodgers model 330?

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  • Thoughts on the Rodgers model 330?

    I found a Rodgers Providence 330 for sale that is supposed to be in excellent condition for a very reasonable price. I primarily play works by Bach. I'm wondering if this is the right organ for me. I also tend to use reverberation on other electric organs that I've played. Does the 330 have built in reverb? I cannot find any information on this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    A "practice panel" would have been an option for the 330, but I doubt many of the organs had it installed. These are very large consoles--the console is 40" deep, so you might have trouble getting it in your house unless you have an unusually wide door or double doors. It's also a very heavy organ, weighing in at 800 pounds.

    It is an analog organ, consisting of a unit flute and unit diapason for the great and swell as well as the upper pedal stops (8' and above); the choir also has an 8' Krummhorn. The swell is independent with its own unit flute, unit principal, and unit trompette (duplexed to the pedal at 8' and 4'). There are independent celeste stops on swell (string and flute) and choir (gemshorn).

    The preamp outputs are line level, so all it takes to add reverb is a multi-channel mixer and a digital reverb.

    It was available with moving stop tabs (dual row above the swell); moving drawknobs and rocker tablets; or lighted drawknobs or rocker tablets.

    It's a basic stoplist with no real frills, and unified, but average Rodgers analog sound which is far from bad. It will be fairly old--I think the latest of these were from the late 1970's. The biggest issue is probably its sheer size.
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      The first organ concert I ever attended was performed on a new 330 in 1980 at the Bible Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana. I was a sophomore in high school and didn't know anything except that this was a significant instrument. I remember being impressed with the sound and the organist. I am pretty sure it was Richard Morrison. He played several Bach pieces.
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        The Providence 330 was introduced in 1971 as the Specification 330 and had many of the features of the 660 and the 990 from 1968.

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