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looking for last minute opinions on the rodgers 330

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  • looking for last minute opinions on the rodgers 330

    I have decided on a Rodgers providence 330 which I would be picking up next week but wondering what other opinions might be on this deal.

    I am wondering what kind of problems I might expect to find in the organ. My research suggests that the Rodgers 330 from 1973 is a well built reliable instrument with no internal moving parts but I still find discrepancies about quality depending on the year.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am also wondering how to transport it as safely as possible. The organ is a couple hours away from me. I have a large truck but am thinking about renting a closed u-haul trailer. I assume padding and blankets are necessary to reduce vibrations and shock. Are these organs susceptible to transportation related damage?
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    All the racks in the organ should be screwed down to prevent vibration, the music rack folded down. Roll top should be closed. Apart from this there are few issues with moving them.

    Padding around the console where it is tied down is important to avoid vibration abrasions. Nothing in the truck or trailer should be free to move around as everything is heavy, and in a sudden stop will move if it can and will slam into the thing you least want damaged.

    Pretty much these are the typical precautions needed.