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Praeludium by Galanti

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  • Praeludium by Galanti

    I subbed at a church yesterday where the organ says it's a "Praeludium by Galanti."

    I looked on the Internet, found a couple of web sites, but got voicemail at both places and decided I might be better off asking here first. The church is in Northern NJ, Bergen County specifically, near NYC.

    The pastor told me that: they know the organ needs repair; no one remembers what or why; it's going to be expensive so there is no plan to have it done.

    The organ works well enough that I played it for the entire service, but the controls/stops were completely unpredictable - at one point, I had a couple of slightly different sounds on two of the manuals, nothing coming from the pedals, and decided I would leave well enough alone and played the service that way, save for using the "volume" pedal which actually changes the stops, not just the volume.

    Organs - what have I gotten myself into here? :) Can anyone help me at least find a manual so I can see how it's supposed to work?

    Thanks very much in advance.


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    Another Praeludium owner has a rather lengthy thread on problems he incountered. As well, is a post from a technician regarding a PI he worked on. Both of these posts are on the first two pages of this forum. It would appear that the most common problems with these organs are mis-seated cards and loose solder joints. The trick being where to look. As previously stated, if you can catch the organ in the middle of it's misbehavior, pop of the top and wiggle all the boards, connectors, and so on. If the problem goes away, even temporarily, you now have a point to begin your investigation.

    As for me, I purchased a PII a month or two back. No problems whatsoever. However, they are set up a bit peculiar. I didn't have a manual either, but a bit of fooling around and you generally get the idea. Mine had a couple of post-factory mystery switches mounted below the manuals. But they soon gave up their secrets.

    I think you'll like it if you get it to behave. They definitely have a different sound. Less bold, but also more clear, more detailed. Drop me a PM if you need to pick my brain, which by the way, wouldn't take long...Bill


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      Thanks very much.

      I should have mentioned that I am an organ newbie so anything giving up its secrets to me is pretty unlikely to happen. I have subbed each of the last three Sundays but, before that, I'd subbed maybe 10 times in 5 years and really am still playing the thing a lot like it's a piano.

      A manual would be nice. And taking the thing apart isn't going to happen.



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        Well, if it isn't working correctly, you probably have someone who tinkers in electronics in the congregation. Print out several of the trouble shooting post you find here and between the two of you maybe it will make music again. Most intermittent problems are easy fixes once you identify the culprit. Besides, if it doesn't work correctly, you cant really hurt it can you?