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Allen 221 popping noise

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  • Allen 221 popping noise

    Allen 221 no external speakers makes a popping noise on mid registers when playing full on. Did I blow a speaker. How do I know and what kind/replacement for the Allen. Novice here.

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    Not our thing. The classical/church boys down the hall will help you:

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      Adc 221

      Gift from uncle makes popping noises whenfull on. Have I blown a speaker how can I tell ? What type will I use to replace??

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      Adc 221 allen


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        A blown speaker would be unusual on that model. All the speakers are sturdy paper cone units with accordion surrounds, nothing to rot or fall out. And the amp is a dual 40-watt model, not capable of overloading those speakers. However, if the volume knobs are turned up all the way and the voicing pots are also maxed out, it might play loud enough to make the amplifier clip, which could damage speakers.

        But your problem is more likely to be any number of other things. We do all kinds of routine maintenance to these older ADC models nowadays, such as exercising the pots, cleaning all the connectors, re-seating EPROMs.

        So just use your eyes and ears, check everything inside that could be loose, snug up all the connectors, pull RCA plugs off and grease them lightly with Vaseline before re-inserting. You should also check the 5 volts on the cage power supply. It probably has a little adjusting pot to regulate it should it be off.
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