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Semi-custom hybrid organ spec input?

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  • Semi-custom hybrid organ spec input?

    Greetings, all.

    Long time lurker, rare poster.

    I'm involved in a project to augment a small, elderly pipe organ with a new digital console.

    I have a dream spec of sorts that I've been working on, and I was curious if anyone here would be willing to review it and offer input.

    I prefer French nomenclature and voicing, and the the console will be of the terrace style; however if there's any interest and you'd like to see the spec, please look past the nomenclature if you don't like it and provide feedback on the tonal resources.

    Incidentally, I'm not trying to be evasive but there are a couple vendors under consideration, I just don't want to say who until we're under contract.

    Thanks very much guys!

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    I would presume that when considering a hybrid organ, Phoenix would probably be at the top of your list. They have done many successful hybrid installations, including new digital consoles, pipe control systems and stop augmentation. Phoenix has done a number of Quebec installations, and currently engaged in building an organ for a Catholic Church in Quebec, utilizing pipe samples are from Letourneau, Casavant, Guilbault Therien, and Cavaille Coll.

    After carefully considering an organ builder for my three manual French Console home organ waaay back in 2007, Phoenix Organ, a company I'd never heard of before, ended up at the top of my list by a wide margin. And I certainly wasn't disappointed. From inception, during the six month building process, they would check in with me at least on a weekly, if not daily basis:

    "Okay, this is what we are going to start tomorrow. If you want to make any changes before we start, this would be the best time to do it!!

    If was all a smooth pleasant collaborative process from beginning to end, and I have a most wondrous instrument in my home, that never becomes blah, but is always fresh and new every time I sit a the keyboard!

    And of course, the ability of an organ builder to voice an organ, is the ultimate challenge; and the difference between an excellent organ, and a hopelessly bad organ. Don Anderson, CEO of Phoenix, who has an awesome ear for voicing, usually does the final voicing for each installation himself.

    The only annoying characteristic of Phoenix Organs, is that if you ever report a problem with one of their instruments, they will be sitting on your doorstep before you have even had your second cup of coffee in the morning! :'( :-)


    2008: Phoenix III/44


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      We serviced a Phoenix the other day and found it to be nicely built and satisfying to play. However, I would've touched up the voicing a bit if I'd known how to do that. Does it require a specialized computer program? (This particular organ is about the same age as yours.)
      *** Please post your questions about technical service or repair matters ON THE FORUM. Do not send your questions to me or another member by private message. Information shared is for the benefit of the entire organ community, but other folks will not be helped by information we exchange in private messages!



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        If you want to message me, I'd be happy to offer my 2 cents, for whatever they're worth!


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          Thanks, Michael! I can post it here or email it directly.