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Rodgers 805B - Pedalboard Positioning?

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  • Rodgers 805B - Pedalboard Positioning?

    We have a Rodgers 805B organ that is in great shape. It had to be (very gently) moved, in order for the floors to be redone. The pedalboard was pulled back and moved separately. Now that it has been (very gently) moved back, I can't figure out how to position the pedalboard in order for a solid connection. When the organist plays it, sometimes the left side of the pedalboard is pushed in, which causes awful distortion and weird behavior in the lower pedal register.

    There are two sensors on the organ for the pedalboard, so when the left side is pushed in and acting weird, the upper pedal register still acts fine.

    Can anyone offer any tips?


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    I think that organ was built about 1978 and will have steel attachment hooks on both ends of the pedal clavier. On the inside of the console close to the pedal switch panel, there should be steel studs onto which the pedal hooks are to be attached. Here is how I would attach the clavier:
    • place the clavier flat on the floor in front of the console;
    • gently slide the clavier toward the console;
    • when it is just about in place, the hooks will engage with the studs, slightly raising the front of the clavier;
    • continue pushing until the clavier drops into place.

    If your church still has the owner's manual that came with the organ, there will be a page toward the front of the book, showing how this is done.

    . . . . Jan
    the OrganGrinder