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external speakers ----I need your input

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  • external speakers ----I need your input


    First of all, I am truly grateful for all of the help and recommendations that I receive on here!!

    I am honestly confused at this point what to do.

    I have a Galanti Praeludium I (early version) with self contained speakers, an Ahlborn 201 module, an Ahlborn Romantic module and a Rodgers MX 200 module.

    I want a good sound setup --- but I do not want to break the bank to get it.

    The Galanti Praeludium sounds good by itself --- and the Ahlborn modules do not sound too terrible through the organ self contained speakers --- but I do think it could sound better with the Ahlborn and the Rodgers modules with external speakers.

    My closest Allen dealer quoted me a price of $375 each for Allen HC14s and $300 each for Allen HC 15's. Both of these pairs have new mid-ranges installed.

    The Allen dealer told me he had a pair of speakers come in with a load of used organs. He said he would take $300 for the pair if I picked them up. I have attached pictures of them. Take a look at them and see what you think about them.

    I have tried to get some info. out of him on the speakers --- but I guess since he is not making a big sale off of me --- he hasn't and will not reply much.

    I have found a pair of Walker TP3's from someone online and they are $135 each plus shipping.

    I found a pair of Allen HC 12's online that the guy says they replaced the 15" driver with new --- better 15" drivers. His price for the pair of Allen HC 12's is $225 each with the shipping somehow included in the price.

    I know that I will have to get a subwoofer for '32 pedal stops to sound in any way close to what they are supposed to from the modules --- I also know that I will need an amplifier --- but of the above what would you guys recommend?

    I even question if adding external speakers is worth the cost??

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	611762Click image for larger version

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    BTW--- sorry if the pics of the speakers are upside down --- that is how they uploaded and I cannot figure out how to flip them.

    Thanks a bunch!!!!!
    Rodgers W5000 --- home (currently at church)
    Rodgers MX200 module --- home (currently at church)
    Kawai UST7 studio piano --- home

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    I think I may have found the model and specs on the Community speakers:

    Loudspeaker Type:
    Three-Way, Full Range Bass Reflex System
    Frequency Response: Power Handling:
    Sensitivity at 1W/1M:
    Nominal Dispersion:90o Horizontal, 60o Vertical Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
    Crossover Frequencies: 500 Hz and 5 kHz
    One PZT on an exponential horn
    One 6 1/2” midrange on compound horn One 15" woofer, Ferrofluid-cooled
    Speaker Protection: PowerSense DDP
    Input Connections:
    Dual Neutrik Speakon in Parallel Dual 1/4 Phone Jacks in Parallel
    200W RMS 500W Program
    400W to 625W @ 4 Ohms 98 dB SPL
    Rodgers W5000 --- home (currently at church)
    Rodgers MX200 module --- home (currently at church)
    Kawai UST7 studio piano --- home


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      The cabinets in the foreground of your photo do not look like any variant of the HC 15 that I have ever seen. To my knowledge, this speaker always used a single round port--although the position of the port and of the drivers did change a bit over the years. The one speaker whose front panel is completely visible in the background is an HC 15--the three drivers are stacked vertically with the port at the lower right corner.

      Genuine HC 15 (or 14) cabinets are worth perhaps $200 to $400 each in excellent condition (midranges refoamed, not replaced). They are among the best of the affordable cabinets for general full-range organ use, and I have the test data to prove this statement. They do tend to be a little "mellow" relative to newer cabinets with hotter high-frequency drivers, but their response is remarkably flat for the price, and a little equalization or voicing will make them sound just the way you like.

      Avoid HC cabinets that have been "repaired" by replacing drivers, unless the drivers are OEM replacements. The mids in the HC 14, 15, and 12 are Peerless speakers with can enclosures to seal them from the interior of the cabinet; these drivers are among the best that Peerless ever made, they are now out of production, and they are highly prized by those who appreciate the engineering that went into these cabinets. Using $10 replacements from Parts Express is just going to degrade the response.

      Likewise, replacing the woofer in an HC 12 with a "better" one is likely to degrade the performance unless the person who did the work has a high level of knowledge about speaker design and a pile of test equipment to verify electrical parameters. This woofer was made with an ultra-compliant foam surround that contributed to its good bass response. This surround can be replaced by a skilled technician as long as the voice coil and cone are OK, restoring the original performance and likely saving you some money versus a total replacement.

      The relative merits of the HC 14/15 and HC 12 have been discussed elsewhere on the Forum by our friend jbird604. Briefly put, the 14 and 15 are ported cabinets with higher efficiency and smoother overall response while the older 12 is a sealed cabinet with a little better bottom-end response but lower efficiency. I would opt for the 14/15--neither type of cabinet is going to reproduce 16 Hz satisfactorily, as you correctly note. Yes, you will need a subwoofer for a 32' stop, and an entire thread on Organ Subwoofer Design is active at the moment to illustrate the extreme difficulty (or cost) of getting truly flat response down to the lowest note.

      Addendum: Your follow-up post came in while I was typing. Evidently, the speakers in the foreground of your photo are "Community" brand? The specs are not spectacular--the HC 15 is almost flat down to 30 Hz and up to 20 kHz. I would go for this cabinet or its veneered twin, the HC 14.

      And yes, external speakers will help your sound considerably (but they will tend to accentuate deficiencies in the sound sources).


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        As Don was mentioning.....