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Allen 301-B Celeste and Nanoverb

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  • Allen 301-B Celeste and Nanoverb

    I'm adding a Nanoverb 2 to my Allen 301-B. I've found a whole host of info posted here on this forum about doing this - thanks!

    Here's my problem: when I hook up the Nanoverb, The analog Celestes are barely audible. Ive run cords from the flute and main outs (from the box next to the DAC) into the Nanoverb, then the outs of the Nanoverb to the cables that were originally in the box. It looks to me that the main out cake then travels through the analog celeste board. I'm electrically illiterate - what am I missing?

    I haven't received the expression pedal isolators yet so, yes, my expression pedal doesn't work right now. Would the lack of these isolators account for the Celeste problem?

    thanks for any info you can provide!


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    Could very well be. I did the same procedure last year on my 301b with isolators and had no issues what so ever. BTW you'll enjoy playing this organ much more then without having the reverb!


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      Jeff, I am no expert either, but did have great success using a number of the Nanoverb units on a large custom 11 computer MOS 1 Allen. I used one unit for each of the 11 computers. On that instrument, the DAC board was connected to what I assume was a little pre-amp box. There was a couple of little pots for bass boost, and I don't remember what else on the boxes. There were two channels for each computer. I simply went from the DAC board into the Nanoverb and back out of the Nanoverb back to the pre-amp box. (that is probably not what they actually were). But, it worked perfectly. Expression was not changed, everything worked. I also am using 13 Nonoverbs on a larger ADC Allen organ (1 for each of the 13 channels), and it works pretty good. Reverb is like chile and homemade ice cream, very subjective but it is better than nothing..........I think. Good luck. Carl


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        First, welcome to the Forum. I hope you continue to participate as you learn more and share what you learn with us.

        Our resident expert who is addicted to Celestes on Allen organs is member, JBird604. You can try sending a private message to him to ask your question. Better yet, provide the link to this thread for him. He is an Allen tech person. Member Tucsondave is a tech person who has considerable Allen knowledge as well.

        It sounds to me from Hamman's post that when you receive your isolators, everything should work properly again--except with reverb added.

        Again, welcome to the Forum. I look forward to learning more from your experiences and posts.

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          Hi Jeff,
          I added the Nanoverb to my 301c, and I had to connect the main channel from the output of the celeste board. Since the celeste on those models were analog, they had no need to run through the DAC board....therefore you are bypassing the celeste by plugging the main channel directly at the DAC.

          Hope this helps!

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            Thanks for the tips! I'll try more experimenting and your suggestions when the isolators arrive.

            This 301 is the organ I learned to play on when I was a kid. I just moved it to my house from my dad's since he was downsizing. Our original reverb unit from 1979 bit the dust a long time ago, but everything else still plays great. We're having a lot of fun having it in our home.

            thanks again for the tips.