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Music Rack Extensions

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  • Music Rack Extensions

    Is there some kind of extensions to the music rack specially for church electronic organ consoles? I have seen organists (and pianists) using contraptions made of cardboard and in one case plastic to hold multiple pages of sheet music on the music racks. Will be nice if there is a professionally made holder to put on the rack when playing several pages of music. I find page turners are also a vanishing breed and it is difficult to find a volunteer any more.

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    There are a few woodworking craftsmen who will produce these to order. They'll measure the console and existing music rack, find out what you're after and construct one for you. However they are a vanishing breed too. Worth asking around! The student from whom I inherited my Roland organ was a cabinet maker and french polisher by trade and he made up a full length rack for his previous organ. The finish is now wrong for this one, but you can't see it when the music's spread across it anyway!
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      The see-thru plastic music desk on my Ahlborn-Galanti was too narrow to comfortably hold 4 sheets of music side by side.

      I went to the lumber store and bought a sheet of thin lumber - was a long time ago, so don't remember what it was called. But it's about 1/8 inch thick, but still quite stiff. I sawed it to fit (about 10 inches high), stained it to match the organ finish, then clamped the back piece onto the existing rack, using bulldog clips. I did NOT put a piece along the bottom as I didn't feel I needed it there, but you could cut another strip the same size as the back piece and glue it to the bottom, or just set it there if you don't want to glue it.


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        a piece of plexiglass (lexan) works nicely in sufficient length to supplement a small music rack. Our maintenance man at church got a suitable piece and affixed it with a few mirror clips - like the ones that hold your bathroom looking glass on the wall. Easily removed for cleaning or service or the occasional purist who wants what she wants.