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Help identifying preamp, etc. inside Conn 713

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  • Help identifying preamp, etc. inside Conn 713

    I recently salvaged some vacuum tubes and parts from a Conn model 713. There are 3 preamplifier-looking units I have pictures of. The Leslie C2C preamp is clearly labelled, and is connected to the power source of another unit (serial number 2441). Is this also a preamp? The vacuum tubes glow when I plug them in. The last unit (with the big black box and 3 black outlets on the left hand side), I don't know what it is. Nothing seems to happen when I plug it in.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I clearly don't know tons about vintage electronics, and I can find very little information about Conn preamps online.

    Is it worthwhile selling the Leslie C2C and the connected unit together (they have one power cord between the two of them)? Or would it be better to separate them. I plan on selling all of this on eBay. I helped a church dismantle the organ that didn't want it anymore, and a got a good deal on a Leslie 51C that was with the organ (I'm going to have someone rewire it to work with my Hammond C3,) so I have no interest in the parts other than selling them.Click image for larger version

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    Thank you,
    Jazz organist & pianist, instructor
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