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Walker Technical WM128/WM1308 speakers

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  • Walker Technical WM128/WM1308 speakers

    Here are (3) Walker Technical WM128 organ speakers (also known later as the WM1308) on eBay. Thought I would post here given the seemingly significant interest in organ speakers for secondhand organs and Hauptwerk setups.


    These are big, but fairly low-profile full-range cabinets that we used to mount on walls all the time with Galanti organs. I know some Rodgers installations had them as well. They are thinner in profile than an HC12 or HC15, but will still easily handle 16' pedal flues, 32' pedal reeds, and full organ with ease.

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    Those are pretty awesome speakers. I just installed a nice refurbished Rodgers digital in a medium size church. We used a pair of these Walker speakers for the antiphonal, and they put out plenty of sound. Very impressive bass and plenty of sparkle too. I think they probably sound better than HC-12s, especially with the three-panel design that disperses the sound rather broadly. I'd think a pair of these would make excellent primary speakers for any two-channel organ.

    I don't know if $500 is a fair price, but I'm sure they cost a LOT more than that when they were new.
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      The last time I priced these they were about $600 wholesale new with oak finish. That was quite a while ago. I paid $600 a pair used about 12 years ago, I think, oak finish. They really do sound nice with the Rodgers analog, and with wood finish, they look very good in a living room. It wouldn't take much to dress them up with wood top & trim, and grill cloth.