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Depth of Johannus Studio 170's console

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  • Depth of Johannus Studio 170's console

    Does anyone know what the depth of the Johannus Studio 170's console is? Johannus hasn't responded no my inquiries nor my local dealer's. I ask because I'm not certain that I'll be able to get it through my front door, and I know that I'm not being paranoid because I know that a Roland C-330 would not fit.

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    The specs on the Johannus website say that it is 38.2" deep WITH PEDALS. That doesn't tell you much about getting it through your door.

    But looking at the very skinny little body of this organ, I'd guess it's not over 24" deep at the side arms, which is the widest part. Looks like it would fit through almost any imaginable door in a house, even many closet and bathroom doors are that big.

    That's a neat-looking little organ with a very basic but useful stoplist. I don't think you could go wrong with it.
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      We played one some months ago and were quite surprised at the good sound, considering it was less than 12k.
      24 deep is about right, it should fit thru just about any door


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        It would fit through any door if you could insert it at a right angle to the doorframe, but such is not the case with my apartment. Hopefully these pictures make my problem clear. The console has to be no more than 50 cm (19.7 inches) deep by my calculations. 24 inches wouldn't fit. It would be great to know the console's exact depth.
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          Height (with music rack) 53.5 in (136 cm)
          Width 51.1 in (130 cm)
          Depth (with 30-note raco pedal) 38.2 in (97 cm)
          Does that help at all? Looking at the short user's manual, it seems that the organ comes in parts and you need to put them together. So it might in fact fit your door, but that's really hard to say.

          Did you try the "ask a question" form on the official Johannus website?


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            What is the door to the left of the entrance door? Maybe if that door is open, the console can go to the left through it, partially, and then straighten out, and then rotate to the right through your door?

            That said, you might tilt it on end and rotate it around the entrance door on its side.

            The "quick start guide" starts off by saying how to attach the keydesk, so it seems like the console comes at least partially disassembled. You should probably contact your dealer.


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              Depth of the Studio 170 without pedals is 14 inches.