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What sort of organ is Allen SYS123C?

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  • What sort of organ is Allen SYS123C?

    Someone's trying to give my church one of these. Would it be an adequate practice instrument for a serious organist? Approx what year? I can't tell if it's 1980s or what.
    Thanks for your expertise.

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    The System123C is one of the earliest Allen Digital Computer organs. It is an MOS-1 organ, probably from around 1975-1978. I thought I saw a brochure in the Gallery section, but cannot seem to find it. The "C" designation after the number indicates it has the "Contemporary" console, which was more "modern" looking at the time. I believe you can access the back through screw-off panels, as well as lifting the keyboards for service.

    Does it have a card reader? That will help expand the possibilities. You may not have pistons available to use that you can set, but for practice that isn't a necessity.

    Check the following threads:I hope that helps.


    P.S. If the speaker surrounds are disintegrating, they're not that expensive to replace/re-surround. Not a deal-killer.
    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
    • MOS-2 Model 505-B / ADC-4300-DK / ADC-5400 / ADC-6000 (Symphony) / ADC-8000DKC
    • Lowrey Heritage (DSO-1)
    • 11 Pump Organs, 1 Pipe Organ & 7 Pianos


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      I sold then in 1973 or 1974. It was a self-contained MOS-1 S120 organ, with additional card reader and capture action. Because of the built-in speakers, there were no toe pistons- pedal divisionals were under the manual keys.
      I play a S301 MOS-1 organ every Sunday (basically a more decked-out one than the 123 plus external speakers only), and it sounds OK and seems to want to "last forever". If your church puts in external speakers, and makes use of the card reader for variety, it should be OK for you.
      R, Bill Miller