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Yamaha Electone E3 - Is it worth getting one?

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  • Yamaha Electone E3 - Is it worth getting one?

    Hi guys

    I noticed this group when searching for more infos about the Yamaha Electone E3.

    My setup is mostly made up of synths, but I also have an Eminent 310U (which unfortunately needs some fixing but hope to get it done sooner or later) and a Korg CX3 which I really love (and had a Farfisa VIP 400 and VIP500 but unfortunately space issues forced me to sell them, also because they needed some work as well...).

    But earlier this week, I found a Yamaha Electone E3 for sale and went to try it.
    I was really impressed by the sound of it and feel it could be a good addition to my studio!

    Unfortunately I think it needs some smaller fixing...
    Most of it seems to be working (except the pedalboard), but there is some background that isn't really annoying when playing in the living room but that becomes really annoying if you try to record with it...

    I am in Portugal and it's not easy to find these old organs (the Eminent I got was the only 310U I have seen on sale around here and higher end Electones are pretty rare as well), so I was thinking of trying to get it...
    The thing is, the price is 200€, but hopefully I might be able to consider a trade for it.
    Still, this price seems a bit expensive considering some prices I've seen, but again, I'm not sure if it will be easy to find an organ like this again around here (and having one shipped from abroad would make it way more expensive than this one...) and they might not be in better state than this one (at least from my experience with old equipment, if it wasn't serviced, it most likely will have some background noise).

    So I was really thinking of going for it, the only thing that is worrying me is, will it be "easy" to get it fully working?
    Anyone here has worked on one?
    Is the service manual available?

    Also, I noticed that this is a very early Electone, so it is organ based rather than older Electones that are more synth based (which is perfectly fine for me as I loved the sound).
    But I noticed that there is the Electone E5 that looks pretty similar but with quite some extra features.
    Is it worth more to get wait and get some other better Electone model, or is the sound of the E3 distinctive from other organs and definitely worth having?

    Thanks in advance,