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Rodgers volume hacking...

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  • arie v
    Re: Rodgers volume hacking...


    All Rodgers 500 series organs made since the mid 90s are all Italian made. The 530/535 definitely was Italian made. The 560 designation doesn't ring a bell with me. In the early 90s there was a model called the 505, which I believe was made in the US or possibly Japan.

    The 500 series organs had only 2 channels with small amplifiers running internal speakers. Clarity and power are not part of the equation in a church setting. Also the ensemble was thick and dull. External speakers may help spread the sound, but does little for making better sound.

    My guess is if possible you want something that sounds better than that to upgrade to a better instrument that is voiceable and has at least 4 or 6 audio channels (or even more). Then you begin to talk music.

    Arie V

    PS Your expression shoes probably need to be calibrated. If the organ in question has a potentiometer in the shoe, the pot may need to be replaced.

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Re: Rodgers volume hacking...

    I'm not familiar with the models you named, but usually there is an adjustment that makes the LED indicators track the position of the swell shoe. Chances are that you're getting full volume and the indicator simply is not showing it.

    The best solution to your problem is the one you probably don't want to consider -- add another tone cabinet and amplifier.

    [Retired Rodgers service tech]

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  • buzzyreed
    started a topic Rodgers volume hacking...

    Rodgers volume hacking...

    Does anyone know a quick, easy way for a less than skilled organ tech (i.e. the organist) to hack into the volume of the two Rodgers organs we use at church? One is like a 535 or 530 or something and the other a 560 or something. In any even they are mid to late 90's models, the good ones, not the ones made in Italy.

    My problem is that when the church is fuller than usual, the organ doesn't have enough volume to support the congregational singing. I am using standard registrations and I won't even consider adding duplications at the pitch level, such as colorless 4 and 8 foot stops.

    The expression pedal on the swell and great have led indicators that go up veritcally to show the level of the 'swell shade' or such. The problem is that there are like three leds left by the time the swell shoe and great expression are 'wide open' We have the fancy external speakers which are really quite phenomenoal considering the cost of the organ and our resources, but I need to be able to put up the volume without changing the color when the church fills.

    Anyone know what I mean?

    the buzzzzz