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Pedal contact/reed switch replacement

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  • Pedal contact/reed switch replacement

    Hi there

    Would anyone be able to give me a step by step guide to replacing a pedal contact/reed switch? I have to replace the lowest C-sharp one which is sounding sporadically, but unfortunately there isn't a technician anywhere near me willing to come and do this for less than £100, and so I figured I'd have a shot at it myself. The organ is a 1998 (or later) Wyvern digital church organ.

    Sorry to ask for help and thanks for reading!

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    The truth is, I wouldn't either. A technicians time is worth something, right? If you get into a hobby, you either learn how to do your own maintenance or understand the costs to have it done. That said, I am familiar with Rodgers way of doing reed switches. They are mounted on a pedal switch board, each in a routered channel held in place with silicon. They are somewhat hard to remove but you're usually removing a bad one so no problem if it breaks. The wires on each end are soldered so they have to be unsoldered. The replacement reed switch is soldered to the wires and glued back in place. You can borrow from the high pedal in a pinch but like I said, removing them intact is difficult.

    Yours may be very different from what I described. The Wurlitzer for example held them in place with rubber grommets.

    Not trying to be difficult about the technician but they have families too and need to work. Using a pro also helps the music industry overall.



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      You say it is sounding sporadically. Maybe its just an adjustment that's needed. Is it on carpeting or maybe the pedal board has been pulled out slightly causing the problem. Why don't you just pull the pedal board out and check for any adjustment screws. Sometimes the adjustment moves all the reed switches at the same time. To test out the bad switch, take an external magnet, like a one to pick up screws that you dropped in a bad place and move it close to the problem reed switch. If it plays the note then its probably an alignment issue.


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        Hi there, thanks for your insightful response. It is strange. The pedal will play perfectly for a whole day (including periods of me being away from home, so it will be fully functional after turning the organ off and on etc over a day or sometimes over), but then when I least expect it I can't use that pedal. However, if I leave my foot on it and/or continuously press it with my foot, it will kick in and start working perfect again, so I suppose it maybe is an adjustment, but there are so many screws that I don't know which one to try and tighten/loosen. If there's any more information you could give me I'd be eternally grateful, as someone is trying to get £90 for coming out to repair this, and if it's something I could do myself then I'd certainly prefer to try!