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Peerless Tweeters used in Some Allen Speakers

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  • Peerless Tweeters used in Some Allen Speakers

    I thought members of this forum might like to know of the availability of a Peerless Tweeter at a great bargain price.

    This is a smaller diameter tweeter, about 3-1/4 inches in diameter overall, and I think (though I am not certain) it was used in some of the Presence Projector models, perhaps some of the HC series speakers as well. The price is $4.17 each, Canadian. Shipping from Canada into the USA can be a little expensive, but the low cost of the tweeter makes is still very affordable.

    The company selling these is Solen and has a very good reputation as a supplier to the speaker building community.

    I believe that Peerless (now Tymphany) has discontinued production of this series of speakers, so it is probably discontinued stock, thus the low price.

    You'd be very hard pressed to spend less than $5 and get such a good speaker. Back around 2002 these units sold for about $13.50 USA.

    In any case, a decent tweeter at a bargain price.
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