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I think I need some help...

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  • I think I need some help...

    Hi everybody![:)]</P>

    This is my first post here, so I'll introduce myself.</P>

    I'm a portugues organ student (7th grade) and next year I'll have my exam.</P>

    I saw the syllabus today and my face turns blue....:"Offertoire sur les grands jeux" from Couperin (or something with the same difficulty), one prelude and fugue or toccata and fugue or fantasy and fugue from J.S.Bach, 2 preludes and fugues from Buxtehude, one toccata from Frescobaldi (or anouther composer from the same school), Iberic music (one battle or half stop) and XIX/XX century music.</P>

    I'm playing one iberic work (a song: "CanciĆ³n para la corneta con el eco") from an anonymous of XVII century; one prelude and fugue (G major) from the eight little preludes and fugues from J.S.Bach/J.L.Krebs andthe Ciaconna in D minor from Pachelbel.</P>

    What do you think? Will I pass well the exam or I'm on serious problems?</P>