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Help on an organ buying decision

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  • Help on an organ buying decision

    Hello all

    I wondered if I could ask for advice? I am considering an offer to trade-up my 19 year old wyvern mps sonata organ - a very modest 2 manual and pedal with 30 note RC pedalboard and 6 general pistons, although it is a bit of a compact RC pedalboard - I notice the gaps on almost every other organ are wider, and the keys are longer from top to bottom of the length on other organs also.

    The instrument I am being offered is also a 2 manual and pedal, although it is a few years younger and features 2 additional 16" pedal stops when the wyvern only has 1. There is an array of additional stops on both manuals, and it features both general and divisional thumb pistons. This instrument also has 2 expression shoes - one for the great in addition to the swell, where as the wyvern only has the swell. The organ also features comprehensive voicing capabilities. The pedalboard of this instrument is a full 32 note AGO RC pedalboard, and I think the ultimate bonus is this, as going to any other organ should be a breeze. The one thing which is bugging me a little is the fact I am loosing the 8" pedal trumpet from the wyvern, this other organ has only one pedal reed, a 16" where as the wyvern has both a 16" and an 8", however the Wyvern only has 6 stops for the pedals, the other organ 7. The manuals however do feature a far grander array of reeds than the wyvern, so I suppose there is more scope for coupling to the pedals from one manual in order to get the 8" reed on the pedals. Am I being a bit mad here, or is this good reason to be a little hesitant to upgrade? This organ is also coming with a far better console both in colour, finish, and design. It also comes with an adjustable bench and the music rest is also adjustable, both features which are excellent when you're 6'4" and standard bench/music rest heights can be uncomfortable!

    Any thoughts and advice would be invaluable, thanks in advance!

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    I am not sure what you are asking. You have not provided any details about the prices of either instrument nor the brand of the newer instrument. Not that it matters. The newer instrument is clearly superior in every way. What exactly is your hesitation? Price would be the only deal-breaker I should think. And as regards price... instruments like you describe do show up for FREE with some regularity. You have to have sufficient space for the speaker cabinets but that's about it. FWIW.


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      Hi and sorry for ambiguity
      To clarify - my current instrument cost me £1000, the new one being offered to me is £1900, but the dealer is offering me £750 credit from trading my current organ in. My only hesitation is as I said - loosing the 8" pedal reed I have on my current instrument. You see, my current instrument has 6 pedal stops, which includes 2 reeds at 16" and 8", the new one has 7 pedal stops which includes only one reed - a 16". This is the hesitation for me. I know this sounds very silly but the idea of loosing this 8" trumpet pedal stop is a little annoying. I guess I just want to find out what other classical organists would be thinking in this case.


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        For me, I would choose the 16-foot pedal reed without the 8-foot pedal reed and have the better organ.

        Our previous 16-rank organ at church (originally installed in 1970 and now part of our larger organ) lacked a 16-foot pedal reed and this always annoyed me greatly. The good news is that it had a unified Krummhorn stop that also played at 4-foot on the pedal.

        I made sure that my residence organ has a 16-foot pedal reed at considerable expense. This is a well-voiced trumpet that plays at 16-8-4 on the pedal and also at 8 on the two manuals.


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          Many thanks for your encouraging response. Pardon my ignorance, but can you explain what you mean when you say our residence organ has a trumpet which plays 16-8-4 on the pedal?


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            I agree that the 16' reed in the pedal is worth having, even at the expense of losing the 8' reed. I'm not a recital player, only a typical church player. The organ at church has both 16' and 8' reeds in the pedal, but I rarely use the 8', since my full-organ registrations generally include the swell to pedal coupler, and the 8' reed in the swell is sufficient for the pedal when coupled down.

            The newer organ sounds like a good upgrade for you, especially going to real AGO pedals. And the deluxe adjustable bench and desk are a nice touch. I'd say go for it.

            Did you say what the brand is of the newer organ?
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              Thanks very much for your encouraging response, it's much appreciated! The new(er) organ is an "Eminent".


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                Originally posted by therepetiteur View Post
                Many thanks for your encouraging response. Pardon my ignorance, but can you explain what you mean when you say our residence organ has a trumpet which plays 16-8-4 on the pedal?
                Yes: It means that the organ has one trumpet rank of 73 pipes from 16-foot C to the top of the manuals. The trumpet plays at the 8-foot pitch on each manual. But on the pedal there is further borrowing for versatility; thus, the32 notes of the pedalboard can play the trumpet at 16 only or 8 only or 4 only or all three pitches together. I have never registered the pedal loudly enough to use all three trumpet stops (from the same rank of pipes). I hope that I have helped you make sense of all this. Good luck and God bless!