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Allen 301-b

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  • Allen 301-b

    Greetings, all. This is the new thread from the former Baldwin 632 thread about getting a practice organ. I finally got my Allen 301-b and four speakers home from the church. I ended up with four HC 12 speakers which appear to be in very good condition. I don't notice any deterioration on any or the cones so far. Interestingly, two of them have woofers with a very smooth and somewhat shiny cone material, while the cone material in the other two feels rougher and somewhat heavier. Would any of you know why the difference?

    I have hooked up two speakers and the organ seems fine, but I notice that the great plays through one speaker, the pedal through the other, and the swell through both. Since I have four speakers, I figure there is no problem using all four, thus perhaps balancing the sound on both sides. I looked on the forum for a guide on how to do this, but likely missed the posts. Should I run two set of wires from each connection on the organ to the speakers, or can one go from speaker to speaker? Probably a dumb question, but I didn't see how the speakers were connected at the church and I am no electronic whiz! Any help on proper wiring would be appreciated!

    Finally, I am using the speaker wire that I scavenged from the church, but probably would be better off getting some new wiring. What guage works best? Any particular wireless type better than another? What came from the church looks like the standard in-wall speaker cable.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I am waiting for the Allen tech to schedule a time to come and go over the organ, and rather than wait on him to answer my questions, I thought I could get started on some basic things. I am also making some speaker grills to protect the speakers, and we'll see how that project goes!

    Dave - Remington, IN
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    Do you have two amplifiers and two antiphonal relays?
    The 301 at Jeffersonville Episc church has two speakers in the front connected to the amplifiers. It has two speakers in the back connected to the antiphonal relays. The relays insert an adjustable tap resistor in series with the back speakers under control of one of the tabs towards the right. This reduces volume on certain stops.
    They used 16 ga wire. I'd use fatter wire for solo pieces but the congregation is very small and doesn't like loud music. If the insulation is not falling off your old wire it should work okay. I use salvage 10 ga 4SO extra flexible cable on my hifi speakers, after cutting out the mashed parts that caused the factory to put it in the dumpster. The fat wire cuts vibrato on solo top octave piano on my hifi, but 301's don't have a piano stop.
    Incidently the wiring was backwards when I found it with only the back speakers working. Cleaning the relay contacts and the resistor taps with a points file got the front working. I assume the wiring was crossed up downstairs when the volunteer maintenance team extended it to move the console, so I reversed the connections to make the reduced volume under tab control come out the back. One back speaker still doesn't work, and the fronts are behind a grill so I am not sure of both of those. But the organ is due for replacement by the pipe organ so I quit messing with the wiring until the sound failed in October in the middle of a service. That was a dead amp power supply I believe, so I replaced the amp electrolytic capacitors. After that the gain had to be turned down because the front speakers would rattle at loud volumes. I guess they must be foam surround drivers which could be rotted. Time for real pipes, the 301 is sold off to a member to make a PC organ. The random motion doesn't work, either.
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      OK, you two--what are you doing up at this time in the morning?



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        I think I-Jo may be having trouble sleeping, like me, as we had the same surgery last week. How are you doing, I-Jo?

        Dave -- new speaker wire is good, but if what you salvaged is in good shape no need to replace it. Allen specified 16 gauge for most runs up to 100 feet. Common zip cord is ok, good Belden in-wall cable is cooler. You can jump from one cabinet to the other on each channel, or run two separate wires if the speakers are widely separated. Makes no difference in the sound.

        Your woofers may look different if all have been replaced or reconed, which they surely have, perhaps at different times. I'd check the phasing to make sure they all agree, as you'll lose bass if they are out of phase. A simple 9 volt battery and 2 short pieces of wire, quickly attach to each input at speaker terminal (disconnect from amps first!). + of battery on the + terminal of the cabinet should make each woofer move in the same direction.

        The 301-B is a 2-channel organ. Flutes and pedals in one and everything else in the other.
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          I may be picking up one of these this or next week if it works out. Not sure what tje advantage would be to splitting the channels up that way...seem like you'd be better off trying to generate some type of sound field using both channels at once? anything nasty I should look out for on this model of Allen?