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Content organ issues

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  • Content organ issues

    Hi there. My recent purchase, a superb 20+year old content "D1700i" three manual organ has a few sound issues, and I can't seem to find anyone with answers. Basically, the great diapasons are too "stringy" sounding, and all the upper work (mutations and mixtures, also 2" and 1" flutes) are all far too bright and loud, making any attempt of a chorus totally unbalanced. There is one stop on the pedals for which some of the pedals sound at different volumes also. I have been advised by a content rep in Holland (whose English skills didn't seem great) that the "D1700" organs can't be voiced, as they work on transistors, or m114 technology. However, a less experienced technician looked inside my instrument and said there are some white controls which are adjustable, he just doesn't know what they adjust. He reckons it might be treble balancing etc, but how could I possibly sort the issues listed above? Maybe the "I" in the model number of this instrument suggests an extra capability? Anyone experienced with the older contents?

    thanks in advance!

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    I can't say as I know much about Content organs, let alone a first generation digital from them, but I do have some schematics from that series, so I must have worked on one at some point.

    I would suggest you contact the factory, and ask for a set of schematics for the organ, or at least the relevant pages dealing with the audio routing of the stops and the amplifiers.

    This organ is based on the M114 chip, which means the organ is likely at least 20 years old.

    The organ has 4 amplifiers, each having an overall volume control, as well as a bass, mid and treble control. The amps are designated as L1, L2, H1, H2. L stands for LOW (frequency or tones), H is for HIGH, meaning higher frequency tones. To complicate things further, some stop are routed into C and C# as well as treble bass.

    The organ likely has a cruddy pot, causing the tonal imbalance. Should not be hard to sort out.

    ADDITION: Is this organ sounding on internal speakers, external speakers or a combination of both? Have you tried playing the organ through headphones?

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      Hi there
      thanks so much for your invaluable response. I have contacted the manufacturer asking for the schematics as you suggest. I will also try with headphones and report back if there is a difference, the organ is playing through its internal speakers.

      Many thanks