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Rodgers 770 Flute Tremulant Full

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  • Rodgers 770 Flute Tremulant Full

    Good evening all,

    I have a Rodgers 770 that was previously in a Catholic parish and did not receive delicate care. As many of you will know, the 770 has a Flute Tremulant Full stop tab which is deeper than the divisional tremulant tabs. My problem is that the Swell stops work appropriately when it is engaged, but the Great flutes have an excessive deep vibrato and are warbly. The 770 apparently did not have the detailed technical manual identifying all of the POTS that can be used to voice the instrument. I have the 770 supplement provided by Rodgers, but this is not contained therein. Does anyone know which POT would control the Great flutes under expression when the Flutes Tremulant Full is engaged?

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    This shows the pot locations including the "Flute Full" adjustments for great and swell on the right hand side.

    Pot location.pdf
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      Also, note that the "main chorus" uses phase shift between the main channel for flutes & principals (by voice, by division) and a "by-pass" channel (by voice, by division)--i.e., the main (or by-pass) is wiggled to get some sense of ensemble--I don't remember which is shifted (wiggled).

      If flute trem full is often engaged, the factory recommended that the bypass level be kept lower--it reduces the effect of the main chorus tab, but keeps the trem depth fuller. If flute trem full isn't very important to your playing, keep the bypass levels higher to get a bigger "main chorus" effect.