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Organs in Japan

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  • Organs in Japan

    Hi all,

    Newbie here. I've gotten bored with playing piano and after spending a couple hours on a pipe organ I decided I want to pursue being an organist. I'm hoping to find a decent electric/digital organ to start with, not uber-professional but something with some options. At this time I'm only interested in traditional pipe organ music (mainly Bach) so being a decent pipe organ is the most important thing to me and I need your expertise.

    I currently live in Japan, so what would my best options over here? I don't even know what to look at or research, tbh. Ideally I would like two ranks and a full pedalboard, and obviously some stops options. I've never messed with an electric/digital organ and I'm really only aware of the Yamaha Electones here, but I'm not sure how they perform as a pipe organ. The Roland C330/380 look absolutely perfect but I'd prefer something used and a little older. I'd rather not break the bank until I know what I want, and then I'm all in!

    Thanks for your help. I greatly appreciate it!

    Moved to the correct section for you. 'Home Organs' is for entertainment type organs, not classical models.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Electones are not what you want, they're intended for another use entirely, and only have a few pipe organ sounds at most. As for recommendations, I'll let others chip in, though this question has been asked many times before, so a search of the forum may well bring up some interesting threads.

    However, you've added a new twist with 'in Japan'!
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      I don't know what is available in Japan, either new or used, as Japan would not be a large market for classical/church organs.

      The Roland C330/380 are probably very good for your purpose, but were discontinued late last year. Roland is now out of the classical/church organ market. There may be some still in a warehouse somewhere in Asia, so if this is your thing, jump on it.

      I think Viscount and Johannus may have some presence, but it would be minimal.

      Another route you may want to investigate is the virtual organ route, of which Hauptwerk is the most popular. And if Bach is your thing, there are lots of sample sets of baroque organs available to choose from.



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        Yamaha distribute Viscount classical organs in Japan and Kawai are the distributor for Johannus


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          Thanks all for your help, and thanks Mods for moving to the correct section.

          The Viscount site had some classified listings that are exactly what I'm looking for, so thanks for steering me that direction since I had no knowledge of Viscount organs. Now I just have to cross my fingers and try to stumble across something like that over here.

          I did a little research earlier on Hauptwerk and virtual organs (very little), and will be doing more. If my understanding is correct, you basically use any keboard(s) you want and the software replicates the organ sounds? Through standalone speakers? And for a full pedalboard, does anyone produce one or would that be a home-made affair? If there's a mega thread that about this for total newbs, I'd appreciate a link so I can read about it. Otherwise, I will use the handy search tool.

          Thanks again, everyone.