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Allen organ dismantling legs HELP

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  • Allen organ dismantling legs HELP

    Hi organ enthusiasts. Please can you help?

    My mum is an organist and wants to buy an Allen ex-church organ from ebay. I'm trying to work out if it will fit through the door to her house. We have the dimensions and it looks like the only way it will fit through is if the top part (with the keys, excuse my poor terminology) detaches from the stand/legs (and of course the pedalboard would have to come off too. Does anyone know if it can be dismantled in this way for transport? Thanks. The link is below:

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    That is an Allen "contemporary" console style, which is actually quite compact and ought to fit through almost any doorway. The pedals of course are not physically attached to the console and will simply lift up and off, out of the way. After the console is in place, lay the pedals back in place, guiding the pedal unit to fit into the notches or cups at the sides of the console which hold them in proper relationship to the console itself.

    One forum member did in fact dismantle one of these Allen consoles by removing the upper half of the console from the lower half. But that involved disconnecting a LOT of cables, and even un-soldering some connections. I don't recommend that sort of thing. But it is not necessary in the vast majority of cases, as the console should fit through any door that is 32" wide or larger.

    When the console won't fit through in the upright position, it is possible, if you are careful, and if you will first check inside to make sure there isn't anything loose to get tossed around, it is possible to turn the console on its end and work it around through a very small doorway. But I hope you won't have to do that.

    Good luck! that's a nice little "MOS" technology self-contained church model. You should enjoy it at home.
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      Amusingly, I started a thread a little while back asking for advice about this and I literally just came back from assisting in moving the Allen organ separated into two parts into the organist's house!

      I can say that it is more than likely possible. However, it's probably not as simple as removing the top from the bottom. There are likely to be some wires that will need to be cut, and they may be very thin wires which are difficult to deal with. The wires you don't have to cut are probably copious and will need to fed from the bottom through to the top and transported with the top. You will probably also have to cut the power cable feeding from the bottom to the top.

      Unless you're really ambitious and take photos and/or copious notes and label wires you cut, I'd recommend trying to find some way to move it in.
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