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Rodgers Masterpiece Custom Voicing Help Needed

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  • Rodgers Masterpiece Custom Voicing Help Needed

    Hi All,

    I was recently minted as organist of a local Lutheran Church which has a 3 Manual Rodgers Trillium Masterpiece Custom/Opus organ.
    When I got there, it was so poorly voiced I couldn't even tell it was an organ much less a Rodgers. Fortunately through the quick menu I was
    able to make many and massive adjustments to the overall volume of each stop to bring them into balance and the result, although not perfect, is
    much better now.

    I do need some advice and help on certain other things that need to be addressed so if any of our members can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    First, does anyone know how to access the dealer voicing menu so that I can change the overall character of certain stops? Are there certain pistons
    I have to hit all at once or perhaps in a certain sequence? Is there a lock switch in the back of the organ I need to flip in order to be able to do this, etc.?

    Also, the organ has a Solo division on the coupler rail which includes a Chamades II stop. All of the solo voices will couple just fine via the Solo on I or Solo on II couplers but not the Chamades II. Is there some sort of setting buried in the quick menu I need to access to activate or change, or is a problem I have to contact the dealer to fix?

    Lastly there are 2 antiphonal speakers but even at full volume they are barely audible. Can this be remedied also via the quick menu or is it something that has to be adjust on the amplifier?

    Thank You All In Advance for your Help

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    First sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian.

    The Chamades II is the only one in the solo division that does not work on the Solo I and Solo II couplers.

    To access the voice application, you need to connect an ethernet cable to a connector below the manuals. I will put here the text that contains login and password of a manual that I have with me.

    "With a computer This procedure requires a computer that has a web browser and network capability. This procedure will temporarily turn the Voicing Lock OFF. It will turn ON again the next time the organ is turned off.

    1. Connect the ethernet cable from the computer to the COMPUTER ethernet port on the MIDI interface panel.
    2. Start the browser.
    3. Type this into the address field.
    4. Press ENTER.
    5. A pop-up box will appear asking for a User name and Password.
    6. Enter the following in lowercase. User name = organweb Password = trillium Please note that the User name and Password can be modified. Refer to ‘MSP Config’ on page 23 for more information.
    7. Click on OK.
    8. The "Service Login" screen will appear with the message
    Now authorized to access all pages and menus
    indicating that the Voicing Lock is OFF.
    9. Type this
    into the address field.
    10. Press ENTER. 11. The "Welcome" screen will appear with access to all available remote menus.


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      Thank you so much JRCA.

      I'll be at the church tomorrow so I'll try it out then. One last question, will the voicing that I do be saved after I disconnect the computer and Ethernet cable
      from the organ or is there a process I have to use in order to save whatever voicing changes I make?

      Also, do I need to use a Crossover cable (RJ45) or will regular Ethernet cable work fine?

      And when you say Midi Interface panel, are you taking about the panel that is under the front of the console or is it in the back of the organ requiring the
      removal of the back? Or is it something on the Roland MX 200 unit?

      Thank you again for the help, it is greatly appreciated.

      P.S. Your English is perfect by the way.
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        I'm pretty certain "Ethernet Cable" and "RJ45" are the same. The only people that refer to as RJ45 are those in the "tech" side ;)
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