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Conn 716 Parts - Any Takers?

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  • Conn 716 Parts - Any Takers?

    I've been watching the classifieds for a free (broken) organ I can turn into a desk for my synths and I just picked up an old Conn Artist 716 today. I figure I should see if anyone needs the internal computer bits before I throw them away (anybody nursing a compatible Conn along?)

    Note: The organ mostly works; a bunch of the keys are broken (i.e., literally broken in half!) several of the plastic caps are missing on the switches and some of the controls don't work (e.g. flute chiff does nothing). I haven't made a thorough test of the various stops, but a quick test revealed multiple sets of keys that don't make any sounds on certain stops.

    I'll be keeping the pedal board to convert to a midi controller (eventually), but I'll be pulling everything else out in the coming week. Maybe it's worth saving the speakers? (Got some decent base on the 16' stops during the test).

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    Some have sold parts of the keyboard (I believe octave sections) on *Bay in the past. I'm not sure how well they did. Perhaps you could try that, listing them on Barton Theatre Organs' classifieds, and/or *raigsList. Then when you remove the parts, store them in for a few months, and whatever doesn't sell, you could scrap.

    Thanks for attempting to rescue the innards before just scrapping the whole thing! BTW, any Conn Speaker Pipes come with it? Those are generally worth a bit, and worth salvaging.

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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    • Lowrey Heritage (DSO-1)
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      No speaker pipes (I seen a few discussions of those here in the forums).

      I'm not looking to create a lot of work for myself, but I figured if someone here was in need I'd be a little more careful in my removal process.