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Allen HC12 vs. Walker B2 (resolved...)

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  • Allen HC12 vs. Walker B2 (resolved...)

    For anyone that was following this thread:

    It ended with some mystery about why I wasn't able to get room shaking with my Contra Bourdon 32'. I found out why:

    - Firstly, the v2 voicing does not appear to be an actual Contra Bourdon 32'. I've never heard a Contra Violone but I'm guessing it might be that. There isn't much actual tone down in the low frequency range but it relies more on harmonics.

    - Secondly, I put in the v1 voicing chip and it is an actual Contra Bourdon 32'. By using the EQ and turning up the amp I was able to shake my room and get good woofer movement. That was pretty cool :) The problem though is that it's just too quiet. At normal amp volume you can barely hear/feel it.

    So ... I plan on selling the Symetrix EQ and getting a bit techie. I'm going to get an EPROM reader/programmer and read the voicing chip and try and decipher the data format (I have experience with this). If I can work it out I will create a new voicing chip with the Contra Bourdon 32' from v1 and the other voices from v2 (four voices per chip), because the v2 Choral Bass 4' which is on the same chip is just so much better than v1. If I can, I may even alter the Contra Bourdon with a louder version so I can actually hear it, and since it'll likely be split into multiple octaves I might boost the bass in that lower octave.

    Longer term project...
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    This thread went off-topic immediately into a discussion of programming voicing chips with nary mention of Walker or Allen speakers. That discussion and its posts have been split off into their own thread here.

    This thread is closed.

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