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Rodgers 750 B Organ Wiring Speakers???

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  • Rodgers 750 B Organ Wiring Speakers???

    Hey there all!
    Okay, so here's the story. This Church down the road from me is getting rid of there Rodgers 750 B organ, due to electrical problems. They claim it's "unrepairable" but... if you put the effort into something, anything can be repaired. When you turn the organ on, every stop and every key plays. They figure it got struck by lightning. So they are giving the organ away for free. I want to tke a spin on fixing this organ. BUT, the speakers and the sub woofer is behind the altar and the behind some screen. I do not have permission to go back there to get them. Is it possible to wire up something like stero speakers to the organ??? Besides would the bass go through a stero speaker? I am also looking for a technical manual, or a "electrical diagram'' for this organ, it will make fixing this organ a lot easier. I would love to hear any thoughts you may have, as I am still learning about this organ.

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    The 750B is a 4 channel organ, and it has internal amplifiers for those channels. If you mix down to 2 channels you would have to do that outside the organ's circuitry and have external amplifiers unless you rewire the organ's audio system. It could be done, but I would not recommend it because the organ sounds better with more channels.

    You can use stereo speakers but the organ outputs significant amount of bass frequencies, and your speakers may or may not be able to handle it.


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      Have you asked about getting the original speakers out? It would be far less effort and give you much better results (assuming you get the organ playing again) than re-creating that part of the audio system.

      I had a similar problem with the free Britson/Johannus organ I got. The speakers were behind a grille, which was held in place by some trim work. I had the person making the arrangements to give me the organ contact her maintenance people. I even offered to buy some paint to touch up the trim after it was put back in place.

      Bottom line - they maintenance guy pulled off the trim and removed the frame for the grille cloth and we got the speakers (all 13 of them!) out. After he put the grille and trim back on it only took a few dabs of paint to cover up the joints exposed by our extraction project.

      Moral of the story: it doesn't cost anything to ask and could save you a lot of trouble and expense.
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        Here's a picture off line, of the same exact model. I was told that this is a 750 "scarborough". The Pastor said he does not want us to open up the "grille". Which is quite unfortunate. Would anyone have a guess on what could be wrong with the organ itself? As I said, when you turn the power on, it sounds like someone pushed down all the stops and is sitting on the swell and great manuals. BUT, when you push down the keys on the great manual, it plays over the sound that sounds like someone is hold all the keys down. You can not hear the swell. It also has a Deagan chime attachment to the organ. You can hear the chimes very good. Let me know your thoughts.

        I talked to the Pastor, and he said he doesn't want me going behind the ''grille''. What should I do from here for the speakers? By the way... any clue on what could be wrong with the organ??? Like I said in my first post, when you turn on the power, it sounds like someone put all the stops down, and holding all the keys down. BUT, when you press the keys on the great, it plays over the horrible sound. There is a Deagan Chime key octave attached to it as well, and that plays wonderful. You can not hear the swell come through the speakers, my guess would be that the stops for the swell tend to be softer stops such as celeste 8' gemshorn 4' etc.
        Post your thoughts on how speakers should be wireed up, and what potentially could be wrong with the organ itself.

        The Pastor does not want me going behind the "grille". What should I do from here for wiring speakers up? Any clue on what could be wrong with the organ?
        Like I said, when you turn the organ on, it sounds like someone pressed all the stops down, and are holding down all the keys. You can hear the great play over the terrible noise, but not the swell. There is a Deagan Chime octave addition added to the organ, that plays.
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