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    Roland C230

    Im considering a used Roland C-230. Its like a keyboard but plays primarily Organ and Harpsichord. Any opinions on the quality and sound?.

    Anyone have any experience with these?

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    Hi Andy, I'm thinking that I have a new dream organ in mind. Im wondering what you think of it , if anything. Im looking on Ebay at a Roland C-230 Classic Organ. It sold , but now the guy has another one, he works in a music store. Any thoughts on this one?.
    I've never played one, only one of the earlier models. It was quite an impressive sounding instrument for its size, but its internal speakers aren't huge and so the sound is a bit restricted - you don't get the full character of the organ. But it's still great for a small location or for practice IMHO.
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      Thanks for your input. Sounds good.


        I have just bought a second-hand C-230 on EBay. It’s a replacement for a beautiful Roland C80, which was an ideal continuo instrument, except that it was difficult to transport (being spinet shaped) in the car, even though not especially heavy. The C-230 has several organ stops, each with 4 alternatives, and two stops with nine alternatives. However, as you will see from my post elsewhere, the two satellite speakers were missing on purchase. Does anyone know if they can be purchased separately, or what speakers would make suitable replacements? I would also like to identify the type of socket if possible, which is not a standard speaker connector. Any help much appreciated, thanks.