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comparing Britson, Alhborn-Galanti and Johannus organs

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  • comparing Britson, Alhborn-Galanti and Johannus organs

    Our church is considering the three following organs:</P>

    1. Britson D 220 LRT (2 manual, 50 stops, 6 audio channels, 4, 100 Watt channels, 1, 300 Watt channel; 6 high power external speakers) six years old, excellent condition</P>

    2. Ahlborn - Galanti SL 300 (39 stops; 3 manual; 150 Watts internal amplification) six years old; excellent condition.</P>

    3. Johannus Opus 20 (2 manual; 36 stops; stereo 3D acoustics; 4, 70 Watt amplifiers; 3 temperaments) New</P>

    What guidance would you provide?</P>


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    Re: comparing Britson, Alhborn-Galanti and Johannus organs

    Dear John,</P>

    My limited experience in this area qualifies me only to have a vague notion of what would be preferable here. Let's hope we hear from others with more hands-on (literally) experience.</P>

    I would favor the Britson first because it appears to have the most serious audio system. My second choice would be the Johannus because it is new and likely has the most current technology.</P>

    Because the AG SL300 has only 150 watts of internal amplification, it may be more of a residential model than an institutional model. If the console has internal speakers, it will look less like a pipe organ console. I would not allow the fact that it has 3 manuals rather than 2 be a deciding factor.</P>

    Good luck!</P>


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      Re: comparing Britson, Alhborn-Galanti and Johannus organs


      I don't know what criteria you are using in evaluating organs, but for an organ to sound good in a church, it really needs external speakers. Internal speakers, on most of these organs is very mediocre, lacking in detail, good bass response, good treble response, and fire the sound at the organist's knees.

      Probably the best choice is the Britson as it already has external speakers, and should be voiceable as well.

      The AG SL300, is a nice organ but needs to be voiced by a dealer. The audio on this baby can be branched out to 8 channels if desired. Again external speakers should be added to it.

      The Johannus Opus 20, is a bottom feeder model from Johannus. I recently heard an Opus 30 (3 manual) and was totally unimpressed. Samples are few and very, very short. The ensemble just produced noise. Opus 20 would be no better. The Opus line is just a marketing thing from Johannus, has very little to do with serious organbuilding.



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        Re: comparing Britson, Alhborn-Galanti and Johannus organs

        Agree with the others.


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          Re: comparing Britson, Alhborn-Galanti and Johannus organs

          [quote user="organist777"]Agree with the others. With these choices, looks like the Britson would be a "no-brainer". &lt;G&gt;

          In the interests of full disclosure, what do you do for a living?</P>