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Allen organ amplifier codes

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    I left the 5k pot as it is not a significant load to a low impedance output from an audio interface. I wouldn't go higher than 50k in any case.
    EDIT: The typical output impedance of an audio interface is around 100 ohms.


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      I have successfully modified three amplifiers using John Kinkennon's photos as a guide so far:

      2 x -6 model amplifier
      1 x -7 model amplifier

      I have not replaced the POTS ... the one on the -7 looks like it has 5K etched into it... the others only had model numbers that I could not find any specs for.

      I've tested both -6 amplifiers in the church and they are no longer hissing and I think that the output will be sufficient for our needs.

      Note that the -6 and the -7 models both looked essentially the same on the inside. I peeked inside some of the other models and they look substantially different... so I'll wait with those for now.