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Allen Organ MDS36 speakers cracking

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  • Allen Organ MDS36 speakers cracking

    The Organ begins to play's with annoying cracking sound from the speakers. Sound continues even when not playing unless organ is turned off. How can this be fix?

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    I'd suggest having a technician check it out. Could be any number of things. One thing that comes to mind is the cage power supply, the PS-2. Allen now has a completely different type of power supply for the cage that clears up several problems and prevents others from developing.

    However, it could also be a problem with the amps as well, or even the W-5 tone generator assembly. Pretty hard to pinpoint without some technical information and tools.

    One simple thing you could do -- turn down the four amplifier volume controls one at a time to see if the noise is actually in all four channels, or in just one. Also, this would determine if the trouble is in the amp itself. If so, turning down the volume controls will not stop the noise.
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