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Christchurch, NZ "Transitional Cathedral"

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  • Christchurch, NZ "Transitional Cathedral"

    Last week I was in Christchurch, New Zealand and on Sunday I visited the Anglican "Cardboard Cathedral" (officially the "Transitional Cathedral"). I was early for the evening Evensong service and listened to the Boys Choir rehearsal prior to the service. That space has surprisingly good acoustics, with decent reverberation, and the sound was very nice. During the time the Organist was experimenting with stop selections for use in the service, I was able to see the console and determined that it is some model of Rodgers. (I got the impression that the Organist would have preferred something else--probably a pipe organ.)

    This worship space uses large-diameter cardboard tubes in its roof support construction, hence the nickname. It is an interim structure until the issue about the severely-damaged stone Cathedral is settled. I won't attempt to go into the various aspects of that issue, except to indicate that the old stone structure is a Heritage site and there is a lot of controversy about what to do with it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the temporary Cathedral--it was very nice. I did take some photos, but they haven't been processed yet for inclusion in web boards. I'll post them when I have them ready.


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    I have to admit to being a bit of a barbarian.... while I've drawn pictures of that cathedral a few times I've never been inside it!

    Over Christmas I DID visit the (very one-toned-grey) stone cathedral in Nelson, a few hundred k's north of Christchurch.
    I was partly pleased to hear the pipes in action and partly bemused to realise it was a student filling in a hallowed holiday spot.
    He played nervously... tentatively, afraid to play a wrong note to add any flair and wasn't familiar with his chosen pieces.
    Ah, painfully it brought back those memories of the teen years.
    The young are welcome to it!
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