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Viscount Organs

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  • Viscount Organs

    A Church here in Brazil wants to buy a Viscount.
    I do not know how the Viscount amplification system works. Anyone have details?
    How many speakers are recommended by default on the models?

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    Are you able to say which model?
    Viscount C400 3-manual
    8 channels + 2 reverb channels (w/ Lexicon MX200)
    Klipsch RSX-3 speakers and Klipsch Ultra 5.1 subwoofers


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      Originally posted by rjsilva View Post
      Are you able to say which model?
      Unico 400 or 500


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        The Viscount models you list have a 5 channel internal audio system.

        Then, they also have line level outs - I believe there are 12 channels plus a sub channel ( through which are routed all the low frequencies of the 12 channels)

        If more are needed (or desired), there is an expander board which puts out 20 channels plus the sub channel.

        I am generally not a fan of how companies do the routing of audio, but I think there are quite a number of possibilities in terms of setup. In any case, for a church install, the more good audio the better. In fact, I would say, make audio a priority over a fancy console. An organ should be principally about sound.

        As to Viscount audio, I don't know much about it. I know some dealers that do not use Viscount audio, but use other available equipment, and sometimes even make their own speakers.

        Good audio, proper placement, and a good bit of time and effort setting up and voicing the organ, and the result should be most satisfactory.


        P.S. It is unfortunate to have to say this, many organ installs are poorly done, either through dealer/installer ignorance, or there is no time given to it. Careful setup and voicing should not be an optional extra.