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Mayland chimes

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  • Mayland chimes

    I recently purchased a Mayland chime action. It came with the chime rail, transformer, volume control and electromechanical relay board. Unfortunately it didn't come with wiring instructions.

    I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I've attached pictures of the parts I received except for the chime rail.

    I would be so grateful for any help you could offer.
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    I can't tell from the photos but do the wire colors on the transformer match the wires on the volume switch?
    Maybe this will help:

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      Hi tucsondave,
      No they just seem to be a generic black and white cloth. I did print out the installation instructions from Organ supply, but the relays there are attached to a circuit board with connections for the chime rail and
      keys grouped together with screw down terminals.


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        This looks pretty straightforward and we can probably figure it out but we need better pictures. I would need better pictures of the left and right side of the relay board, clearly showing where there those wires coming off the sides are connected to (the single wires, not the bundle). Also, a closeup of the back of that switch with the wires arranged so we could clearly see where each of the wires is connected.

        Is that "relay board" the thing that strikes the chimes or is there something else?

        Did you get everything? I'm wondering if this needs a rectifier and I can't see one.

        I assume you have a way to actuate this on, I assume, an organ. I believe you need either a separate keyboard or contacts on an existing keyboard.


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          I am hesitant to provide advice on this thread--the electrical wiring of chimes is quite simple and multi-tap transformers are basic. The question itself leads me to wonder if the OP has the basic electrical knowledge to do this wiring safely.

          Chimes are as simple as doorbells--there are just more of them, and the multi-tap transformer is just a variable voltage power supply with fixed choices of voltages. The relays just interpose between the actual keyswitches and striker electromagnets.