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Suggestions for long-distance organ movers??

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  • Suggestions for long-distance organ movers??

    Please, anyone with any recommendations - shout out the company name so I can get in touch with them!!

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    PlyCon has handled my recent moves with no problems and reasonable prices:


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      Keyboard Carriage specializes in long-distance moves of pianos and organs....and motorcycles. Pick up and delivery to commericial locations only.


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        I've always used the "Do-it-yourself" Organ Movers. ha ha... :-B I've never been able to afford to use an actual moving company, but I've had lot's of help from the guys in my church. A covered trailer and three other men and we're good to go. I hope you find someone reliable. It definitely can be quite a task depending on how big the organ is.

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          There is an on-line service I have used for long-distance organ moving. I used them to get an organ moved from Arkansas to NYC last winter, and the driver I got was superb in every way. Wrapped and loaded the organ with great care and attention, moved it in a nice weather-proof trailer, delivered to an apartment building in NYC, and even helped the customer get it placed where she wanted it in her home. All for a very reasonable price. Not "dirt cheap" like some of the companies that won't guarantee dates of pickup and delivery, but quite reasonable for a "custom" move that had to be handled on a specific date.

          The service is called "u-ship" and their website is

          You register your account, then list the items you need moved, origin and destination, any time constraints, etc. After a few hours or a day or two, you will get bids from all their members who are willing to do your move. You pick the one that gives you the price you want to pay, and who seems most able to do a good job. Their members are all carefully screened, and people leave feedback to report on their experiences with each one, so you can learn quite a bit about your mover before you award the job.

          You pay them by credit card, and they can only get their money once the organ is delivered and you give them a completion code to enter on their own account, which then transfers the payment to them.

          You'll need someone at each end of the move, of course, so if you need the organ moved from Arizona to the east coast, you will need to arrange for people to meet the mover at both ends.
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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions here, I forgot my manners...much work no time and all that...very grateful!