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Ghost notes on Johannus Opus 1400

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  • Ghost notes on Johannus Opus 1400

    Hello everyone,

    since this morning I experience this funny problem on my Johannus Opus 1400. It plays normally on the Great and Pedal, while after playing for a while on Choir and Swell it stops responding and the last notes played rest fixed without any other change. The Great and the Pedal continue to work as normal. If one switches off the organ and the turns it on again, Choir and Swell are now mute, but if one moves the general crescendo pedal around, random cluster of notes keep playing and don't stop. Even in this case, both Great and Pedals work fine.

    I know it is not a contact issue, since couplers from Choir or Swell to Great don't work when one restars the organ and the forementioned keyboards are mute.

    Do you have any idea about the problem?

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    My first suspicion would be contact problems. This can include the ribbon connectors that connect to the processor board.
    I squirted contact cleaner into the header connector which solved some notes which were not playing on our church organ (Johannus Opus 1100).
    I had also cleaned the keyboard buss bar with contact cleaner and Q-tips. Just be aware that the cotton variety I used left some lint on occasions - which can be easily removed. If the keyboards are removed it makes it easier to clean the buss bars, but you want to pay attention the connector orientation when removing them for service.


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      From your description it sounds like a 20-25 year old organ, 3 manual and pedal. Likely an M-114 (early digital) based organ.

      I would suggest you look into the MIDI setup on the organ. It sounds like that might be where the problem lies. If you have divisions going on and off, and hanging notes, sounds like the MIDI communication of the organ is not working right. If you know what you are doing, you should put on a MIDI monitor, and see what is going on. I am thinking that Swell and Choir divisions are separately controlled from Great to Pedal, hense half the organ still works fine.

      Johannus used insulation displacement type connectors, which have caused problems over the years.

      One other thing, you may want to check the power connection to the processor board. Those connectors have been known get dodgey. Pull the connector off and re-seat.

      I am not familiar with this model, so can't be of much further help.