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ALLEN ORGAN System 200 problems

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  • ALLEN ORGAN System 200 problems

    Allen Organ System 200
    Stops on both manuals stops are only working in flutes, bass pedal stops are all working. I was told either a circuit breaker was tripped or one of the amps is gone. I tried pressing on the circuit breakers, no change but a did hear a small static noise on amp towards the center.(i think thats the main amp) thats the first issue.

    The organ has four speakers hooked up in two pairs and actually (and extra cabinet thats supposed to have bass only but not making little or no sound)
    the two sets are turned on or off by rocker switches on left of lower manual

    2nd-- A separate issue is I want to have a separate monitor near the organ that I can adjust the volume of while playing as needed.
    Can this be tapped off the organ amp w a volume control inserted. If not can i tap a feed before the main amp and send to a separate amp or powered speaker?
    I don't know where the volume pedal is wired in chain which would need before any separate send.

    I believe this organ has 4ohm amps. there is an 8ohm speaker thats sitting not connected near the organ (is this possible usable in the first scenario using the organs amp?)

    Any info is greatly appreciated. Also a schematic.