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Allen Empire Organ- What is it?

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  • Allen Empire Organ- What is it?

    While searching for a console for a VPO, I stumbled on an unrelated unit, but my curiosity peaked and I had to check it out. I've never heard of this, or seen an Allen even remotely like it. Anyone know what this is? It reminds me of the old Wurlitzer home organs. Looks like it has an internal rotating speaker. Is this tube oscillator or transistor? Either way, asking price seems way too high, to me at least, but nevertheless an interesting organ.


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    I've seen pictures before, but never in person. Interesting looking instrument. There is another one on Ebay also, with external speakers.

    Not sure how much those cost back in the day in comparison to the Hammond or Wurlitzers that were also made then.
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      This organ was first built in 1959. It had two versions both of which were basically a T-12a or a T-15a.


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        I would think it is one of their all flute organs.

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          I looked through their eBay store. I see the company is in Atlanta and services major brands of musical gear. I, too, think that it's pretty overpriced right now, and I couldn't live with the disproportional speaker cutouts of that series. Pretty ugly. :-)

          I see that they're in Ack Radio - that's an old Atlanta name. Used to get tubes for radios and televisions from them. I thought it was the big time for a boy from the backwoods. It smelled like cigars in the front.

          This is them:

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