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HarrisonLabs DPS

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  • HarrisonLabs DPS

    Hi I have purchased a HarrisonLabs DPS to give my Allen 632 three manual 2 computer organ, but I am having trouble trying to figure out how to connect it. The
    instruction sheet they sent does not explain how to connect it. I have no problem with hooking up the swell but when I try to hook up the great I can not figure
    how to do it. The swell was a straight forward hookup but the great and choir is the problem. The swell was a straight hookup, but the great/choir goes to a box marked that it is some sort of relay. the swell does not have one it just has the DAC board, and the great and choir has a DAC board and then the relay box. If any one knows how to connect the great and choir DAC board please let me know. A few years ago I had an Allen 301-B and connected a DPS to it with no trouble but
    that organ was only two manuals so it was very easy.


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    What happens if you insert it between the DAC and the relay box?

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