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Rodgers 985/925 some stops play 1/2 step off

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  • Rodgers 985/925 some stops play 1/2 step off

    I haven’t seen this organ yet but it was described as having many stops playing off by a half step. All stops work and all keys play. Of course I’m thinking something to do with the transposer. Factory tech suggested 4094’s in a serial chain.

    Anyone seen this before? I haven’t worked on any Rodgers in a few years. A tech is asking for my help. I’m not that excited about getting involved since it’s been broken for nearly a year and everyone at the church is mad about it. Would be nice to go in and actually fix it so any help is appreciated.


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    Did you get this problem worked out? If not, I'd suggest using the data chain charts to determine which keyer board in which chain is the one on which the data is getting shifted by a half step. By playing each note of each rank in turn, you should find a spot where the notes suddenly become wrong. It could be within the series of notes keyed by one particular 4094, and if so that one is defective.

    Or, if the chain proceeds through, for example, a diapason keyer which keys all its notes correctly, then goes next into a flute keyer board on which all the notes are off by a half step, the problem might be with the buffer IC that precedes all the 4094's on that board.

    Of course, it's always possible that the problem is not at all what is being described. If it turns out to be the pipes that are playing the wrong notes, any number of possible causes present themselves, including someone removing the pipes and putting them back into the wrong holes!
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