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    I finally found a proper organ for our (portable) church's Christmas Eve service: an Allen ADC-5000DK a couple states away. This one is in near-impeccable shape, drawknobs, double audio with 8 channels of the newer-style ADC amps in the console and 14 HC14's. There's a subwoofer channel with the filter card, but whatever subs the organ had (likely at least 1 B40) have gone missing. This organ has the batteries moved off the AV and DM-3 boards, all woofers and midrange surrounds replaced, fully-functional Card Reader with a ton of cards, and the ubiquitous TT-4 Brass Choir option! The organ was obviously well-maintained- everything works!

    Depending on our storage situation, I may re-sell this after Christmas, so if any of you are in the market for an ADC-5000 in great shape, let me know!
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    That is a nice find ! At first I was not so sure of the stark black and white interior, but after looking at it for a bit I think it is rather distinctive. Kinda grows on you. I hope it performs well for your Christmas service.
    Regards, Larry

    At Home : Yamaha Electones : EX-42 ( X 3 !!! ), E-5AR, FX-1 ( X 2 !! ), US-1, EL-25 ( Chopped ). Allen 601D, ADC 6000D. Lowrey CH32-1. At Churches I play for : Allen Q325 ( with Vista ), Allen L123 ( with Navigator ). Rodgers 755. 1919 Wangerin 2/7 pipe organ.


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      It should make for a glorious Christmas service. Great find. Merry Christmas.


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        What's a "portable" church?



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          We don't own a building- we meet in rented spaces