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Allen organ question

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  • Allen organ question

    Can anyone say whether or not an Allen Quantum can be wired inside so that the GT/PD divisions are always unenclosed, with the tab engaging that facility being left looking like it is not selected, yet the function being ever-present? Having the great and pedal under expression is extremely odd to me, and useless, and having to push that tab every single time I play a piece is annoying. Of course, I want to preserve the facility for the Choir.

    Opinions/insights will be very much appreciated! Apologies in advance if this is a silly question.

    Personal organs - (1) - Allen custom Heritage III 58-Q (Q345) with Allen Ensemble; (2) - Allen MDS 40S with MDS Expander

    Church organs - (1) - Allen MDS 70-S-D (Deluxe); (2) - Allen ADC 220 (office organ)

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    You could always short the stop switch to turn the tab always on. If you want to be able to still select having the divisions enclosed, you could use a mechanical switch (probably a miniature toggle switch) hidden under the console desk to short/unshort the tab contacts.

    This would not work, of course, on a lighted tab version of the organ, but I think all Quantum models have moving stops.