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Rodgers Jamestown Organ

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  • Rodgers Jamestown Organ

    A friend told me about a Rodgers Jamestown organ that needs new home. The instrument is from the 1970s and is self-contained. I went to play the organ a few days ago and found some issues. My biggest concern is that the flutes on the swell, especially 4’ thru highest mutation are almost non-existent in sound, even with volume turned up high. The volume is quirky in that the mp tab is louder then the mf selection.

    I am concerned because, as we know, Rodgers is under the fifth owner in over 40 years. Is There availability of parts for an older instrument.


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    The Rodgers of this era used still commonly available off-the-shelf electronic parts. There aren't many mechanical parts that are proprietary, either, on this model, so I would not worry about parts availability.

    On this organ, each stop of the flutes and diapason ranks can be individually adjusted for volume. If the great flutes have normal volume, then it may be that the swell flutes are just adjusted too low, or some minor problem with a voltage adjustment that controls that volume. This should be a minor problem to fix. If I remember correctly, you have to remove the roll-top and flip the stop rail back to get to the volume adjustments. The pots are right behind the stops that they control.

    There were several Rodgers organs with the Jamestown name, but all of them are fairly small instruments in terms of stoplist. Personally I would recommend trying to find a more complete instrument but what the Jamestown has is all fine, just not much of it.