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Viscount and Domus model cross reference

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  • Viscount and Domus model cross reference

    Good afternoon,

    I understand Viscount was the OEM for Domus organs in the Netherlands. In my neck of the woods here in Ontario we have a fair number of Domus organs out in the field. However schematics etc for them seem to be difficult to obtain. Adding to that, Domus model designations, i.e. Domus 1132 were used for more than one version of that model organ. So just because a technician has a Domus 1132 schematic doesn't mean it will necessarily be the schematic for the organ in question. Not to mention, the undocumented changes made to the design of the organ over time.

    Does any one know where I might be able to find a cross reference for Viscount and Domus organs? i.e. a Domus 1132 would be what Viscount models?



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    Domus does not exist any more. When there is somebody on this forum who can help you, great. But when not, I would advise to contact Viscount in Italy. As far as I know they manufactured the Domus organs.

    Gtz, D.


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      I'm no expert here, but I can relate my story.

      The Wurlitzer C-250 at church had some problems. I was investigating and hoping to repair them. I found a Viscount tech with the piston board array that I needed, and asked about the availability of schematics. The schematics I ended up with are labeled "Domus 830/832/1030 Canticus 320." There are no annotations within the schematics to indicate and changes or differences between those models, and I don't know exactly which one corresponds to the C-250. The schematics were close enough for what I needed. I think a page was missing, but it was probably a duplicate for yet another generator daughter board just like pages I did have.

      I guess what I'm saying is that if a technician already has a schematic for a Domus 1132, that's probably the best schematic available for it, no matter what changes were made to the design over time. Besides, there might be changes/customizations for a given customer, either at the time of build, or at the time of installation.

      While we're asking for cross reference between Viscount and Domus organs, which model(s) does the "Wurlitzer" C-250 match?


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        I have schematic for Domus 1132. This model is bundled with 1232 and 1127. The last 2 digits in the model designation is the # of pedals on the pedalboard. I have these schematics in print form, and I don't know if I have them in PDF form. My guess is these organs were either the second C series or the Alpha series that Baldwin sold.

        As to the C-250 Wurlitzer, it is the same as C-300. Similar models from Domus would be the 932 and the Opera.

        I can probably find more information on these organs, but I have never had much success with Domus or Viscount.


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          Môžeš mi poslať tu schému domus 1132?

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          Welcome to the Forum! We have a thread where you can request schematics, but since member, arie v has already stated he has the schematic, perhaps you could contact him via Private Message. To do that, click on his name, and choose Private Message.

          I hope that helps.

          Vitajte na fóre! Máme vlákno, kde môžete požiadať o schémy, ale od člena, arie v už uviedol, že má schému, možno by ste ho mohli kontaktovať prostredníctvom Súkromnej Správy. Ak to chcete urobiť, kliknite na jeho meno a vyberte možnosť Súkromná Správa.

          Dúfam, že to pomôže.


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        Originally posted by arie v View Post
        As to the C-250 Wurlitzer, it is the same as C-300. Similar models from Domus would be the 932 and the Opera.
        Thanks Arie, although I was expecting an answer of 830, 832, or 1032. At least now I know what the last 2 digits mean.