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Rodgers lighted music rack (805)

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  • Rodgers lighted music rack (805)

    I'm now nearly through with the bench reproduction and am moving on to the lighted music rack. Actually I didn't even know what it was at first because I have just a pile of parts and the plastic part is mission. I think I mostly have it figured out, but I'd like a little help tp confirm and a few questions remain.

    I think the assembly goes like this:
    The [3/8"?] plastic piece should be 32" long and 12" wide (approximate on the width because the diagram in the manual doesn't specify exactly what it should be).
    The wedge bolts to the top of the organ.
    The plastic then bolts to the wedge piece just above the light.
    The light then bolts to the bottom of the plastic piece

    The light portion is 3 wood blocks with a grove along the inside top and bottom that translucent white plastic pieces slide into so light will shine out the top and bottom. I essentially makes two compartments for some type of lighting hardware. Apparently, and I'm not perfectly sure about this, I am missing the plastic piece and I'm missing the whatever makes the light light. I can order a new piece of plastic from the interweb assuming no one out there has one for sale!! But I'm a little confused as to what the light on the inside is supposed to be,

    If anyone has the ability to confirm dimensions (plastic thickness and width), or can provide pictures of what the lighted assembly should look like, or know what the light inside should look like please let me know -- thanks!

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    Your description of how the desk is mounted on the console is exactly right. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure the lighted part doesn't block the roll top. Letting it hang down too low will make it impossible to close the roll top cover. If you aren't using the roll top, you can mount it a little lower by drilling the screw holes in the plastic for the screws that go into the wedge somewhat higher up. Then you'd only have to make sure the desk part doesn't interfere with your view of the stop tabs.

    The lights inside would have been some very small incandescent lamps with two tiny pins on each one. These little bi-pin lamps can be bought from various online sources. I believe the generic number may be FB33. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.) Older Rodgers desks used the now-obsolete #19 lamp, a somewhat larger bi-pin type.

    If the strip that held the little lamps is gone, you can of course just figure out a way to mount some LED strips in there. In fact that would probably be a better solution in the long run.

    Not sure about the original plexiglass on that model, but my organ at home, and others that I have in the shop, have 1/4" plexiglass, which is plenty rigid enough for the job. Probably cheaper too and easier to drill.
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      If the stop rail is tall enough, you can always used music rack hinges (sold by Syndyne an Klann Organ Supply) to permit the rack to fold down under the roll top. This arrangement allows for a lower music rack position, but there needs to be enough space between the top of any rocker tabs and the roll top for mounting.


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        Thanks gentlemen, it looks like I might also be missing one of the grooved wooden pieces that hope the white plastic, but my guess is they are symmetric, so I could just fab one up that matches. The top with the will top will help as well and for sure the 1/4 plexiglass would be cheaper than the 3/8. The tricky but will be getting the right brightness of LEDs. I thought I might have the original light board but now I'm not finding it. I'll have to get a power supply that will go with the LEDs as well. I'll get me a piece of 12x36 plastic on order and then start looking for the LEDs!


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          Last night I ordered three light strips that we're each 12" long. Two of them will go in the lighted music rack and one will be used to light the pedal board. With those I ordered a power supply (24V), a on-off switch, a dimmer, a y-splitter so I could send power to both the rack and under the console, and some hookup cables including (2) 72" inch cables so that I could still use the rolltop -- it requires power to the music rack to go back behind the roll top and over the top of it. If it's too bright I have the dimmer, and if not I can add more strips. The only place I could find them pre-cut to length (they usually come in a roll 16' long), was the only down side with them is though the prices are reasonable the shipping was $11 bucks, which I thought was high. This should work for anyone looking to restore a lighted music rack.