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Concorde 2300 had very low volume and no sound from internal Leslie, now NOTHING!!

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  • Concorde 2300 had very low volume and no sound from internal Leslie, now NOTHING!!

    We had a Concorde 2300 donated to our church. It had been a home organ since new and then went to a neighbor who kept it in the garage for his kids to "play". After about 6 years of garage storage, it came to us. It's dirty and has some cabinet abuse but did play only very low volume. There is no sound from the internal Leslie at all. In reading other posts I realize that there are contacts on the rotor that must not be making connection so will check that.

    I couldn't understand why the volume was so low as I'm used to the Hammond that would pin your ears back.......I wonder if it was "turned down" due to the extensive time it spent as a home organ? And if so, how can I restore normal volume?

    However, today we were doing some cleaning using CRC QD Electronic cleaner(the plastic safe cleaner) and it seemed to help the crackle and pop of the organ, then while I was checking the volume and playing the organ a bit to see how it sounded...without touching any buttons...everything quit! Now we have no sound on either upper or lower keyboard and nothing we did in changing the drawbars, changing the presets, no amount of coaxing even shutting it off and turning it back on could convince the grumpy old girl to produce a single sound.

    SO all our dreams of putting it into service in our little country church has been put back on the back pew!

    Can anyone help me understand this beauty and how to give her back her voice?

    First of all I should have explained I consider myself electrically challenged when it comes to things like this organ. With concentration and focus, I can follow a wiring diagram. I understand the principals of electricity and do basic household/light commercial type wiring as part of my job as assistant maintenance director for a large nursing and rehab facility, but this girl confuses me! I can check loose connections and clean drawbars and solder broken wires etc....and in the case of this beauty, when everything seems in place and nothing really seems amiss, just need guidance to bring her back to life.

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    Have you cleaned all the connectors? Especially the ones on the bottom of the power supply unit?


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      We just started the cleaning process today. First was drawbars and connections we could see by opening the top. Haven't gotten to everything in the lower back portion....that is why I'm asking where to look and where to start searching for this current issue. It has lots of dust and crud on the keys and visible dust on portions of interior.......I haven't cleaned the connectors on the power supply unit.


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        Next time you have the cabinet opened. Would it be possible to post a picture of the preset motherboard 023-046831....I think I have my j-129 connector mis-aligned.....there's only 3 wires on that connector and I'm not sure how it is lined up.